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I have always loved places that are less traveled by people and one that piqued my interest is Langkawi. Not a lot of people travel by Malaysia (according to my observation at least). Usually, people visit its neighboring countries like Thailand or Singapore. And so. Why Langkawi? 

For me, Langkawi is a mix of thrilling adventures, nature, and CHEAP resources! PLUS, the place is so easy to access that I think we can tour the whole island in a week by car! If you are also seeking a place aligned with these, then Langkawi is your next destination!

Mountain view from the SkyBridge.

One highlight when visiting Malaysia is the Langkawi SkyCab AND Skybridge. The name says it all, expect to be taken HIGH up above as you ride the steepest cable car!  And when I say steep, you should also expect to be taken up above a giant ancient mountain. Think of something like… the green mountain lady in Moana. Crazy as it sounds this is definitely a journey to be taken for the midlevel thrill seekers. Like me! *raises both hands up* 


Panorama Langkawi is the company behind the operation of the SkyCab, SkyBridge, SkyGlide and more. They offer several packages that you can book either online or upfront on the day of your visit. All these activities are located inside an open-air lifestyle-themed complex called the Oriental Village. For starters, you need to go to this village to get to the entrance to the cable car and the bridge.

When you visit you’ll not only get to take thrilling adventures operated under Panorama Langkawi but also get to go on leisure strolls offered by the village.


If you’re visiting Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge then you need to head to the Oriental Village first. The Oriental Village is the gateway to Langkawi’s Geopark and is also the location of the entrance to both the SkyCab and the SkyBridge.
The Oriental Village is a large open-air all-in-one lifestyle-themed complex located at the foot of Mt. Machincang. Several interactive entertainments are located here like fish feeding, ATV rides, animal land and there is also a shopping area. There are a LOT of activities you can do here! Malaysia really hits my spot when it comes to theme parks like this. Not really sure if this should be called a theme park, but it’s close to this term I guess.
I urge you to set aside a whole day to thoroughly enjoy the village. You won’t get bored as long as it’s not the peak season. The lines can go forever during such season.
On our visit, we didn’t have the time to explore the whole village since we arrived late due to some issues with the car we rented.

These treats are yummy and really cheap!!!

Before heading to the SkyCab eat some snacks first! You’ll especially need the extra energy when you choose to take the jungle trail going to the SkyBridge trip.

I read from some sources that the food in Oriental Village is somewhat overpriced. Mainly it’s from the restaurants one of which is the SkyBistro. We didn’t need to eat since we already ate brunch before heading here so all we needed was snacks. Lucky enough, the snacks are seemly priced and it was really delicious. The MANGO JUICE here I rate A++, it tasted better than I imagined! I recommend that you try it as well~

Alright, let’s start the story of our adventure!


We bought the cheapest ‘basic’ package available because our budget was largely eaten already by our jet ski tour. (For the other package deals, you can see them at the bottom of this post). Our package is inclusive of the following rides and activities:

1. Unlimited rides on the SkyCab
2. 3d Art Museum
3. Entrance to the SkyDome and
4. SkyRex

All for a total of RM55 (price for non-Malaysians). The price is around Php700 or $14 when converted.

Wait. How about the SkyBridge?
Sadly, the entrance fee for the SkyBridge is totally separate from the package. Though, it is still cheap as the entrance fee only costs RM5 or Php70, $1.5 respectively.

This price is totally worth it since the panoramic view above the mountains is already priceless! PLUS, riding the SkyCab and visiting the SkyBridge is the highlight of the place. Save a spot for this place in your itinerary!


SkyCabs aka the cable cars is the only way of getting to the SkyBridge. It hovers across the vast jungle of Machincang mountain. There are 3 interconnected stations where the SkyCabs can take you, namely the following:

The ride atop was very high, it’s better to see it personally.

The main entrance is located at the foot of Mt. Machincang which is the Oriental Village. The 15-minute ride will take you to the Middle station.

This is the longest ride where you can literally see the gondola climbing a steep mountain slope. If you want a more exhilarating ride, you can book a glass bottom gondola with your friends! This kind of gondola is pricey but hey, if you have some extra shillings to spare, why not try it? The view is so high up that the trees seem like grass down below. Word of advice though that this is not for those with fear of heights.


The view is so picturesque!!!

Did you know that the distance from the base station up to the middle station is 1,700 meters? Add to that, the middle station is elevated at 650m above sea level, that’s really high! And we’re still not yet talking how high up the top station is!

What you can see from here is the 360° viewing platform overlooking the surrounding islands of Langkawi. The view is really gorgeous as you can see. Greenery and the ocean as far as the eye can see! You can even see Pantai Cenang beach where we had our jet ski tour.


Aaaaah, truly majestic~

The top station is a short ride from the middle station that will take you to the SkyBridge. Upon arriving at the top station, there are 2 things you can do.

OPTION 1: Climb up the stairs to another viewing platform which is on the highest point of the mountain. There’s another 360° viewing platform here where you can view the southern part of Thailand.
OPTION 2: Go to the SkyBridge by paying the RM5 fee at the counter.

If I remember correctly, on every station a personnel will stop you to take pictures of you with a green backdrop. Once you head back to the cable car again, they will stop you and show a printed picture of you that you can avail. The price for one picture is RM20 it can go lower if you buy a little more.

And this why I love the mountains more than the sea~ Those layers of mountains are a sight to behold!

Before paying the RM5 entrance fee to the SkyBridge, there are 2 options you can choose:

OPTION 1: Riding the SkyGlide.
The most convenient way to visit SkyBridge is by taking the SkyGlide. The SkyGlide tickets are sold separately from the ‘basic’ package and are only sold at the ticketing counters at the top station. The 2-minute ride will cost adults RM10 and RM7 for children.

The SkyGlides are unique in style, they look like an elevator with glass panels on all sides which allows you to have a clear view of Mt. Machincang.

OPTION 2: The Jungle Trail.
We were a bit adventurous so we did not take the SkyGlide. Hmm, not really. Truthfully, we don’t want to spend anymore so we just took the hardest route to the SkyBridge LOL.

The trail is a short 10-15 minutes of trekking and this is not really recommended for the elderly as there are some huge steps on the trail. I kind of regret not taking the SkyGlide because I immediately fall short of breath when trekking or hiking.

If you want to do both trails, buy a SkyGlide ticket and then go to the SkyBridge on foot. The trail is easier going there since it’s downwards. You can ride the SkyGlide after when going back to the top station’s platform.
There may be some monkeys on the trail so watch out for that. Keep away any food or plastic as they might try to take it forcefully from you. You don’t want to get into a fight with a local monkey now, do you?

This is for those seeking some extra thrills in their life.

The picture may make the bridge look really long but it’s really just a short one. And it may be short but it is still WORTH IT! The view is so breathtaking it literally took my breath away particularly because I hiked all the way up here.

If you’re more daring you can set foot on the glass panels of the SkyBridge and get a good look down below. It may seem scary but it’s really not. The glasses are well made that even 2 people can stand here together. Just take off your shoes and follow the rules written on the glass panels.

You can ride straight back down again via the cable cars and this is where the ride gets more thrilling! Once back down, you’ll land at the Oriental Village again.

If you ever visit here, you might also ask yourself how on Earth did they build this magnificent structure on top of the mountains. According to my research, the structure was prefabricated per section for quick and easy assembling. These sections were then lifted by Kamov helicopters to assemble the bridge in its place.


If you’re into arts, why not try ‘the biggest 3d Interactive Art Museum in Malaysia’? This whole place is a gem, I tell you! Apart from the adrenaline rush from the SkyCab ride, now it’s some artsy stuff. I’m so glad that this is included in our basic package.

The 3d Art Museum is located inside Oriental Village and it features more than a hundred paintings. It’s really huge inside! Thank you for the talented international artists who created these 3d paintings! This is why I suggest it is A MUST to visit Langkawi.

This museum is so huge that they are separated into 9 theme zones that both kids and adults will SURELY enjoy. This is the list of the zones inside:

• Aquarium Zone
• Safari Zone
• Fantasy Zone
• Optic Illusion Zone
• Malaysia Zone
• Classic Zone
• Main Hall Zone
• Interactive Zone 1
• Interactive Zone 2

Check out this link for a more detailed information.

Believe me, this place is huuuuuuuuge!

It was so fun that I didn’t mind how old I am hahaha. And the only tip here is to move quick so you can get the chance to have your picture taken. On some zones, we didn’t stay long because it was too crowded. We wanted our pictures taken but it’s hard when you have a number of families lined up to take pictures. We just moved on to some areas where we can take more pictures.


The SkyDome showcases a 10-minute, 360° view of the 3d image projections inside an outdoor dome. Imagine visiting a planetarium but instead of looking at stars, you will be shown a 3d video. While I was watching inside the SkyDome, I got the idea that this is perfect for games which require 2-4 players to cover the field of view. How nice would that be~

Sadly, this is the only image I have of the dome.

Did you know? This outdoor dome experience is the first in Asia.


Sadly, we were not able to visit this one though I would like to try next time. SkyRex features a dynamic 4d experience while riding on a tram styled simulator. This 5-minute adventure will tense your senses as it let you experience the dynamic motion, blasts of air, vibrations and more! This 4d journey will give you the most realistic experience possible as you venture in a Jurassic themed ride. If I have the chance again, I’ll definitely give this one a try!


Now that you have some ideas on how to visit the SkyBridge, it’s time to learn what other activities you can do within the area so you can maximize your time.

In Panorama Langkawi:

  • SkyCab
  • SkyDome
  • SkyBridge
  • SkyGlide
  • SkyBistro
  • SkyBoutique
  • SkyTrail
  • SkyPos
  • 6d Cinemotion
  • F1 Simulator
  • 3d Art Langkawi
  • Galero Produk Langkawi
  • One Stop Centre
  • Sky Adventure Park
  • Time Travel
For a more detailed explanation of the activities, you can visit the main website of Panorama Langkawi here

Other Activities Inside Oriental Village: If you’re in for a more leisurely stroll inside the village complex, these are some walk-in activities to try.

• Duck Tour
• Elephant Adventure
• Langkawi Tiger Exhibit
• ATV/Quad adventure
• Animal Farm
• Paddle Boats
• Fish Feeding and etc. the list just goes on!

Please be advised that buying a package is not a requirement. You can literally just go into Oriental Village and pay upfront the activities you just want to take in the ticketing counters. By getting the basic package, we get a discount on all the 4 activities included and it lessened our expenses a lot rather than having to pay for each.

These are the package deals offered by Panorama Langkawi:

Price: RM55/person
This is the package we availed, we still got the best experience with this deal. This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi

Price: RM105/person
If you’re more of a thrill seeker then this will definitely excite you! Soar across the steep slope while riding on a fully transparent gondola. This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab – The bottom glass type
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi

Price: RM 550 for 6 people sharing
This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab – The bottom glass type with express lane privilege, no need to queue
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi

Price: RM550 for 3 people sharing
This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab – VIP gondola (not glass bottom) with express lane privilege, no need to queue
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi

COMBO A: Price: RM75/person
This is similar to the basic package but with an additional inclusive entrance to ‘Time Travel’. This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi
o Time Travel

COMBO B: Price: RM70/person
Similar to Combo A, the only difference is the 6d Cinemotion. This package is inclusive of the entrances to:

o SkyCab
o SkyDome
o SkyRex
o 3d Art Langkawi
o 6d Cinemotion

Add-ons: If it happens that you are traveling on a peak season, you can opt-in for an express lane for an extra RM50. You will get the privilege of not queueing and waiting in line.

TIP: You can buy a package deal and then tour the Oriental Village afterward like we did.

Better book your ticket online rather than queue when you get there. It will save you a loooot of time especially during the peak season! I was expecting long lines when we got there but thankfully there’s none at all. Maybe because it’s near Christmas season hence fewer tourists are there?

To book your tickets, go to Panorama Langkawi’s official website.
Booking your ticket is easy-peasy. First, pick the package deal you want then you will be taken to their online booking page. You can choose the addons you want like the express lane, though this is unnecessary as long as you’re not visiting at a crowded time.

These are ‘open tickets’, meaning you can visit there at any date you want during their operating hours. You do not need to pick a date when you book. But take note that the ticket is only valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

You will receive 2 confirmation emails when you have successfully paid. Make sure to print out the one with the barcode on it. When you get to the Oriental Village, just show your printed copy at the ticketing counter and that’s it!

Below are some ways you can get to the village:

OPTION 1: Renting a car/scooter is the easiest way of touring Langkawi Island and I recommend this. The area is easily accessible by car and we always use the Waze app to track our destination. You can go almost anywhere on the island using Waze!

OPTION 2: Taking a taxi to Oriental Village. Hire a Grab or an Uber driver to take you to the Oriental Village. No buses are available on the island unless it is a private tour. You only have 2 options. And getting a cheap rental car is the best way to thoroughly explore the island.

For a budget tour, you can just buy the SkyCab basic package as it’s worth it already. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you visit:

RM55 per person fee for the ‘basic’ package
RM5 entrance fee for the SkyBridge
RM 20 food budget, there are cheap meals and snacks near the entrance of the Oriental Village
TOTAL: RM80 Base fee when you visit Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge

RM10 optional if you want to ride the SkyGlide to the SkyBridge
RM50 optional if you want to get the express lane add-on
RM30 average fare for a roundtrip cab fare. The fee here will depend on where you are getting picked up. And can get lower if you will be sharing rides with your friends.
RM15 Parking fee, I think this will depend on how long you have been parking


  • If you prefer to trek to the SkyBridge, then I urge you to wear fitting clothes where you can move freely.
  • Bring water. I am so glad we brought a large liter of water with us, it may get humid and hot
  • Rent a car or a scooter. It’s less trouble and saves time, in some areas of the island we have a hard time connecting online. It is much worse if we can’t book a taxi! We’ll be left stranded and it is a hassle to search for taxis on the island.
  • Expect to pay a lot when you eat at SkyBistro. I’m not sure how much the foods’ are there and on the food court but, better be prepared than none.
  • It gets crazy hot! The area is an open-air space with little shade so expect to get sunburnt.
  • It’s HUGE inside the village complex. Make sure to wear comfortable footwear, you’ll be walking A LOT.
  • We went mid-December and our experience was enjoyable. There’s no queue at all so our trip was really breezy. I suggest you visit during this time too. You may want to check out Malaysian holidays and some particular events in Langkawi that you need to watch out for. Avoid the crowds and get the best experience in the area!


If you want to get stressed laughing, this is the place for you. This was not a part of our plan but my friends and I tried this before in Kuala Lumpur. What’s the harm in doing it again anyway?

It was very ticklish that you can’t help but laugh out LOUUUD!!

For a minimum 30 minutes, you can dip your legs inside the spa and have your dead skin cells get nipped by the fishes. It’s really ticklish that you can’t help yourself but laugh. We had the place all to ourselves and we were so noisy! None of us even saw the sign that we need to be quiet while inside the spa. It.was.embarassing.
Try this out after all your activities, it will send your fatigue away especially when you have taken the jungle trail going to the Skybridge. Get refreshed here before getting back. Price is RM30.


How to get to Langkawi Island?
Langkawi is an island northwest of Malaysia and the easiest way to get there is by plane. Depending on the country you are flying from, you can either get a direct flight or a connecting flight. To find the cheapest available flight, try browsing thru SkyScanner.
Do you need a Visa?
Filipinos are not required to get a visa prior going to Malaysia. However, for non-Filipinos, you can check out your countries’ Malaysia embassy website to learn if you need a visa when visiting Malaysia.
Language/s Spoken
Malay (official language), English – they speak fluent English and we never had any trouble understanding each other, Chinese 
Local Currency
 Their currency is called Malaysian Ringgit (MYR, RM) 
Getting Around
Langkawi is an island where not enough public transportation is available. Their main mode of transportation is by scooter/motorbike and private cars. For tourists, it is better to visit by renting a car rather than renting taxis or booking via Grab or Uber. Data connection on some parts of the island can be slow and taxis have an extra fee during the night therefore renting is a better option.  


Are you a fan of heights?
I really enjoy nature activities so Langkawi SkyCab and Skybridge is definitely a part of our itinerary. I’ve also ridden countless times on a cable car so I was expecting less during my ride, but lo, it was such an adrenaline rush especially on our ride down again!

• Did I make you fall in love with Langkawi yet?
• Did you know that the area here is a UNESCO Geopark?
• If you’re a nature lover, you’ll definitely love the Mangrove Tour in Langkawi!



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