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Are you a fan of wildlife tours, geo-sites, flora & fauna or anything that spells NATURE? Why not try Langkawi Mangrove tour in one of the most diverse tropical ecosystems in the world? If you love NATURE activities then definitely book this tour when you visit Langkawi! This tour is very informative and plus points to our tour guide! We were so lucky to have him assigned to our group. It’s rare to have a witty and very informative guide that will really engage with the people they are touring.

Read on to see why this tour is a definite addition to your itinerary!


Looks like a Hollywood logo in the jungle, ain’t it?

The Mangrove tour is located in Kilim Karst Geoforest Park where you will get to explore Langkawi’s nature reserves. This Eco park hosts a collection of geo-sites one of which is the stunning geological cave formations, lagoons, beaches, flora and fauna. *Are you getting excited now to visit this place?*

This area is the biggest hotspot for Ecotourism in the region, and no doubt about it as this is a registered UNESCO geopark! I love heritages like this. It just shows that their country really tries to conserve their geological heritage and is aware of environmental issues. Huge respect for them. *bows*

I like Toro Watersports prompt customer service so we booked both our jet ski activity and mangrove boat tour with them. We really did not regret paying for their services at all. All went smoothly and I’ll definitely go with them again the next time I visit Langkawi. Our Langkawi Mangrove tour lasts for 5 hours, below is the complete inclusion of our activity:

• Roundtrip transfers – pick up at the hotel is optional
• Bat Cave
• Watch Eagle Feeding
• Visit the Fish Breeding Farm
• Mangrove River Cruise via a motorboat with a guide
• Tanjung Rhu beach
• Lunch at the Floating restaurant

NOTE: We rented a car so we asked them if we could just follow their van and they agreed. Similar to our jet ski tour, we went to their agency located in front of Cenang Mall. They instructed us what van to follow and after a short briefing, we headed to Kilim Karst.
The tour starts at Kilim village where you will be prompted to let go of anything that will hinder you during the tour. That means to say, you will be guided directly to the restroom. Since it will be a boat tour, you will be spending a number of straight hours on the boat. Afterward, you’ll be directed to the registration area.

Make sure to bring with you the printed copy of your receipt. Our group is on a winning streak of mishaps, this time I forgot our receipt. I was so nervous when I noticed I didn’t bring it with me. I tried showing them our email receipt but my data is so slow I’m not sure it will load. Thank goodness it did though. After they have scanned the QR barcode, we were allowed entry to the jetty and wait for our guide to brief us on the tour.

I don’t know what’s going on with us but we’ve been doing silly things since day one in Langkawi. First, I was left behind by my airport shuttle. I was so sleepy that night I waited on the wrong side of the airport. Second, we had an issue with our rental car. Third, I got into an accident while on our jet ski tour. And now this. I forgot our printed receipt and we set foot on the wrong boat! The boat we were on is already moving away when I suddenly realized that the people on the boat were not the ones we saw before. I immediately told my friends that I think we’re on the wrong boat. AND. WE.WERE.ON.THE.WRONG.BOAT.

I saw our guide on the jetty looking for us, I was so happy he saw me waving at the boat we were riding on! He immediately asked the driver of the boat to turn around. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING when we got back. We don’t know what to react anymore that we just laughed it all out. I am so relieved that the people we were with on the boat are a nice bunch!

After all the funny chapters before the actual tour, comes our first stop. The Bat Cave exploration tour. Our guide who I-forgot-his-name taught us some facts about the mangroves while waiting for our turn to go inside the cave. The bat cave compromises two caves. There are hundreds of bats inside the cave and I advise you not to touch the railings as you might not like what you will feel. Yep, lots of poops. The cave is too dark to capture a photo so we do not have any proper photos taken.
I was not expecting our boat to be running so fast! Our guide suddenly just told us to hold on to our things and we just did, no questions asked. Thinking that there’s a strong wind coming, my thoughts were so wrong. Our boatman suddenly upped our boat’s speed and we were all on a speedy ride, it even feels like we’re swerving on the river. I LOVE SURPRISES LIKE THIS! It just gave me the adrenaline rush again. IT WAS SO FUN!!

Since it’s already lunchtime we had our second stop at the fish breeding farm. A caretaker shows us how to feed a manta ray named Ali and Abu, though they were already full so he did not respond to the call. There are also some aggressive fish at the farm that you might not want to fall onto their pen.

I had my hopes up thinking we were about to eat after watching these aquatic creatures get fed but… I was so wrong and so hungry! We were advised to order in advance so the kitchen can prepare our meal before we get back here AGAIN. *urgh*

There was a crab on sale too so we bought one that’s rated per weight. If you’re ever here, DON’T order the crab. It was so expensive and there was not enough meat to be eaten. It cost us around RM50-60 for 1 crab, I didn’t even feel like I have eaten any meat. After ordering we went back to the boat and went straight to the river for the actual mangrove tour.


This is the start of the main tour towards the wide open mangroves to watch eagle catch their food and lastly, a short break in Tanjung Rhu beach. Along the way, our guide said we were so lucky to get to see all these creatures in one day. Especially this sexy Lizzy crossing the river which is a very rare occurrence. There are also some monkeys swimming, we don’t feed them but somehow they are expecting food from our boat.

We were also guided to see some nocturnal snakes sleeping on the branches of the mangroves. I really don’t like snakes but for the sake of getting this information out, urgh here is a picture of it. A crossing lizard, swimming monkeys, and a sleeping snake. It is really rare to see them all in ONE day.

This litte limestone hole is named after a crocodile-shaped rock due to its similarity. Getting through is possible if there’s a low tide but during our visit we were not able to as our boat’s roof is hitting the rocks.
Getting to this spot is quite a long venture but really enjoyable! Once here, you’ll be awed at how majestic the area is. Look at how LOVELY this landscape is. The boat will be calling the brown eagles by making loud noises on the engines of the boat. After a few minutes, they will swarm around in circles around a certain spot. You can then see how these Eagles catch their food on the water. We even get to see the white regal female eagle! She is very eye-catching and you won’t miss her since she’s the only white bird around.
I can’t remember on our tour if they fed the eagles or just called them (I really can’t recall). Eagle-feeding disrupts the natural hunting skills of the eagles so feeding them for the sake of visual pleasure is a BIG NO-NO. This practice is upsetting their lifestyle and also affects their diet which can also be passed onto their newborns. I think that purposely feeding eagles should stop as we should not intervene with the natural course of nature.
After a few minutes of watching the eagles, we headed straight off to Tanjung Rhu beach. It’s already late afternoon by this time and we still haven’t had our lunch yet. I’m not the one complaining, my stomach is. Huhuhu.
Further on the beach, you can see the border between Malaysia and Thailand. And yes, you can ride a boat from Tanjung Rhu to Thailand! I want to try crossing here someday. The scenery here is really beautiful, the water looks so serene and peaceful. I even think this would be a great location for a movie! Did I also mention the beach has fine white sand? We were only allotted a 30-minute break here to savor the beauty of Tanjung Rhu. Our next destination is to head back to the Floating Restaurant again to have our late lunch.
The ride back was really exhilarating! Our boatman drove so fast again we were all just enjoying the ride! Whiiiiiie~ BUT. Before we finish our boat tour, we stopped for a little while at the oh-so-famous signage on this limestone rock.
Since we already ordered our food, we were swifltly served when we got to our table. And here’s the crab we picked out earlier, all cooked up. I’m a bit sad for the guy but, he really has no meat at all. Just a few bits of it. Really just a FEW BITS. URGH. SOBS. The tour made me so famished that I ordered another drink. My main regret here is that I did not order the Teh Tarik aka milk tea.


You can book your tour personally at Kilim Karst but for a less hassle trip just book online with Toro Watersports. Their service is great and they offer roundtrip transfers too! Visit their online website for the full details of the inclusion of their tour here.
If there’s only a few in your group then it’s preferable to book a shared boat and spend less.
Price: RM100/Adults RM90/ Kids (3-11 years old)
Hours: 9am-2pm only (total of 5 hours) This package is inclusive of the following:

• Roundtrip transfers – pick up at the hotel is optional
• Bat Cave
• Watch Eagle Feeding
• Visit the Fish Breeding Farm
• Mangrove River Cruise via a motorboat with a guide
• Tanjung Rhu beach

This is a better option for families or a large group of friends. You can rent the whole boat yourselves and fees will depend on how many hours you’ll avail.
Hours: Starts at 10 am until the last call at 4 pm, all tours end at 6 pm
Prices: Maximum 8 people per boat

• 1 hour RM 200 per boat
• 2 hours RM 250 per boat
• 3 hours RM 370 per boat
• 4 hours RM 400 per boat

Boat Charter is a cheaper option but only includes the following:

• Bat Cave
• Watch Eagle Feeding
• Visit the Fish Breeding Farm
• Mangrove River Cruise via a motorboat without a guide
• Tanjung Rhu beach
• (No guide, transfers, and lunch at the floating restaurant)

Read this before reserving your Langkawi Mangrove tour with them.
For the Boat sharing tour:

>> Pick-up by Toro Watersports: If you’re near Cenang beach then you have no problems since they’ll pick you up at your hotel.
>> If the area you’re in is not covered by Toro Watersports: Go directly to Cenang Mall. Your best bet is to grab a ride with Uber or Grab. The most convenient method is renting a car or a scooter and use Waze to navigate the road. And if you prefer, ask and confirm with them if it’s okay for you take a car and just follow their tour van.

For the Boat Charter tour (Taxi/Rental Car or Scooter): Transfers are not covered when you book a boat charter tour. Your option to get to Kilim Village is to the same as the above. Grab a ride or rent a car/scooter.


BRING SOME SNACKS!: The actual start of the trip going to Kilim Karst is at 10 am. Make sure to fill your stomach before then or pack up some snacks so you can eat while on the boat. Just make sure that you don’t eat in front of the monkeys. Lunch starts really late and you don’t want others to hear your stomach grumbling, right?

PRINTED RECEIPT: You need to show your receipt to them in the registration area. They will need to scan the QRcode so don’t ever copy us and forget your receipt LOL.

CAMERA/S: Don’t forget the GoPro’s, SLR’s or any camera you have. Record this moment~

MEDICINE: For those who are easily seasick

  • Don’t support eagle-feeding. I just can’t recall if our boat ever did feed the eagles
  • Remember to eat a heavy meal, the lunch here is very late.
  • This is a very informative tour and I highly recommend it because I’m an eco-nature tour lover.
  • The speedboat is really thrilling and comfortable! Just don’t get seasick riding on it.
  • You’d be very lucky if you got the same guide as us. The two at the front are the guides. On the left picture are the guides. The left one is our Mangrove Boat tour guide and on the right is the guide when you go kayaking. On the right picture is our guide teaching us about the Mangroves.


How to get to Langkawi?
Langkawi is an island northwest of Malaysia and the easiest way to get there is by plane. Depending on the country you are flying from, you can either get a direct flight or a connecting flight. To find the cheapest available flight, try browsing thru SkyScanner.
Do you need a Visa?
Filipinos are not required to get a visa prior going to Malaysia. However, for non-Filipinos, you can check out your countries’ Malaysian embassy website. You may also find more helpful information in your country's embassy.
Language/s Spoken
Malay (official language), English – they speak fluent English and we never had any trouble understanding each other, Chinese
Local Currency
Their currency is called Malaysian Ringgit (MYR, RM)
Getting Around
Langkawi is an island where not enough public transportation is available. Their main mode of transportation is by scooter/motorbike and private cars. For tourists, it is better to visit by renting a car rather than renting taxis or booking via Grab or Uber. Data connection on some parts of the island can be slow and taxis have an extra fee during the night therefore renting is a better option.


Langkawi Mangrove Tour Boat Adventure!
Apart from the SkyCab and SkyBridge tour, the Mangrove tour is also a very fun activity to do in Langkawi Island.

• The speedboat was a surprise to us! Usually, tourists are taken on a very slow motorboat, but here, was a very exhilarating ride! Whooo!

• For nature fanatics, this activity is a MUST!



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