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While flipping some brochures in Kuala Lumpur last 2015, I came across a page promoting Langkawi. What piqued my interest most in Langkawi was the zip line activity in a dense forest. (I prefer the mountains and forests over the beaches btw) Ever since then, Langkawi has always been on my mind to visit one day. This 2017, I got the chance to visit Langkawi Island all thanks to some promo fares. Sadly, the zip line activity was slashed off due to my friends preferring a more leisure and relaxing activity.

Doing the zip line activity was my main reason I wanted to visit Langkawi. But I was stoked when I saw that there’s a jet ski tour activity available at the island. Not only that, we get to ride a jet ski WHILE island hopping! This is a package tour that’s hard to ignore. Of course, we grabbed this MUST-HAVE activity on our Langkawi trip!

And so, here’s my jet ski island hopping tour in Langkawi guide~ This is a MUST-DO when you’re in Malaysia! Aaaaaaaaah, I’m falling more in love with Langkawi every time I remember our trip *sobs*


If you book your jet ski island hopping tour in Langkawi with Toro Watersports, you are required to go to their agency before the tour. Their agency is just in front of Cenang Mall, it’s hard to find them since they are a small stall located inside an open restaurant. The owner of the agency (we think he was) guided us to Pantai Cenang beach where the tour will start. Cenang Mall and Pantai Cenang beach are just in front of each other by the way.

This KFC Twister is the best I have tasted!

NOTE: You will be signing a contract stating that they hold no responsibility if ever an accident happens, better read the papers first before signing it!

Since our tour starts at 2 pm, we just chilled inside a KFC restaurant in Cenang Mall. And boy, was their twister so tasty! It’s even better than here in the Philippines.

Cenang is a very convenient area, you have the beach on one side and rows of various restaurants lined up for you on the other. All of these places are within walking distance of each other too!

After signing the contract, they will brief you about the various hand signals for the jet ski tour. These are important to mind since the tour guide will be giving out instructions while on the open water. And it’s better to follow since you will be encountering other riders along the way.

We were very lucky that we three were the only people on the tour~ It’s like an exclusive VIP tour for the price of a basic package. Hooraaay!

Our guide was also very attentive to our needs which was really great because there’s us 3 girls who have no experience whatsoever riding on a jet ski. He noticed that I was having a hard time on my jet ski since it’s too fast for me that it’s hard to control. We swapped rides and all went smoothly until I GOT INTO AN ACCIDENT.

Our guide halted us for a while in this large rock along the way. Since it was already in the afternoon, the waves are stronger and it kept pushing me near the rock. I was also getting the waves from the jet ski of my friends that I did not have enough time to flee when I noticed I am already against the rock.

There was a large stalactite in front of me, I tried pushing the jet ski away from the stalactite with my hands but the waves were already too strong. I then swiftly alighted from my jet ski before that rock went straight into my face! And then, my jet ski crashed. Thank goodness that I did not break it since I can’t afford to pay that jet ski. Later did I notice that I was lucky there aren’t any stalactites below the water where I alighted. That would be some huge accident.

Victim of nature…

I got up again on my jet ski and our guide kept asking me if I’m alright. I was really fine when I said it. However, he kept looking at me and told me to look at my hands. It was a bloody mess! I panicked for a few seconds before I tried to cleanse my hand with the salt water. Immediately I saw how big my wounds were. After that, we immediately stopped by for half an hour in Lion Island to get first aid.

P.S. Now I’m aware how sharp those rocks are. They looked like shells that merged with the rock.

This is not part of the itinerary but we really needed first aid since my hands were bleeding really hard. The bleeding won’t stop and I still have to drive my jet ski.

In Lion Island, our guide told us that there are 2 people only living there. I think it’s only a husband-and-wife duo, I can’t recall because I saw some cute pups haha. For half an hour, we played with the pups and there are also some chickens! Since the island was an extra part of our trip, we took some pictures before we head on to Singa Besar Island.

We were supposed to head here directly if only I did not get into an accident. Our main activity in Singa Besar Island is eagle watching, I think it was already too late that there’s only a few of them. It was a brief stopover and there are some boats too from other tours.
I think we only stayed here for half an hour? There was so much going on that I can’t recall the duration of our stay in each place. In Beras Basah Island, you can snorkel or swim to your heart’s content. There’s a lot of people here and my friends chilled under the shadow of the palm trees while I took pictures of the island. The place was lovely with the sunlight that’s about to set in a few hours.
Our stay from Beras Basah Island was brief as we needed to head to Cenang beach ASAP. (We already took numerous detours due to my accident). The waves were rougher than in the morning but it may also be due that we were nearer to the open sea to see the sunset. The view was astonishing! It’s better than staring at it from a cruise ship (in my opinion at least). I do prefer more adventure and less relaxation especially when I will be staying only for a few days in a place.
Our experience with Toro Watersports was wonderful. I want to book with them again but now I’m too shy with all the troubles our group brought to them. Their service was excellent for me, they respond fast to my questions and their guide is really attentive and PATIENT! It was a wise choice that we booked our mangrove tour with them as well. Which was again, A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Our trip did not stop when we got off our jet skis. We really needed a bath with all the sweat and moist of the salt water on our skin. We know that there was a shower area in Cenang beach, however, we didn’t expect it to be an open shower. Before our trip, we even readied all our clothes and towels inside our bags much to our expectations. Since we will still have our dinner in a restaurant afterward, we headed back to our rooms to take a bath. It was such a hassle LOL.

Will I try jet ski island hopping tour in Langkawi again? DEFINITELY!


First and foremost, we booked our jet ski island hopping tour with Toro Watersports. This is the cheapest tour I could find online with good reviews on their Facebook page. They also reply fast whenever I have a question before our trip. They offer cheap packages + answers inquiries fast = win!

Before your trip, you can book online through their website here. I know that the fees are high and it’s scary to pay out that amount upfront, the good news is, they are willing for you to pay for just one person first. You can email them and ask if it’s okay for you to pay for just one person first. And once you’re in Langkawi you’ll pay the rest to them in person. They’ll likely agree BUT be sure to confirm with them first so there will be no miscommunications on your trip.

They have various activities on their website that you can avail and by far, their prices are more affordable than the other agencies. AND, our experience with them was GREAT!!

Toro Watersports have 5 packages for their jet ski tour which you can see here. All these are a guided tour. Plus, if you want a ride for 2, jet ski island hopping tour in Langkawi is totally affordable! AND WORTH IT!
>> PACKAGE A (2 hours)
You will be stopping by at 2 remote islands which are Singar Besar Island and Beras Basah Island where you can swim.

Price for Single Rider: 380RM (around Php4,600)
Price for Two Riders: 400RM (around Php5,000)

>> PACKAGE B (2.5 hours)
A guided tour to 3 islands which are Beras Basah Island (swimming), Intan Island (snorkeling) and Rebak Island (sight-seeing).

Price for Single Rider: 420RM
Price for Two Riders: 450RM

>> PACKAGE C (3 hours)
Visit 8 islands and stop by at 3 islands which are Singa Besar Island for eagle watching, Pregnant Maiden Island which has a freshwater lake and Beras Basah Island for swimming.

Price for Single Rider: 480RM
Price for Two Riders: 550RM

Price for Singl Rider: 580RM
Price for Two Riders: 650RM

>> PACKAGE D (4 hours)
Stop by at 4 islands which are Intan Island, Pregnant Maiden Island for swimming and sightseeing. You will be also passing by a fjord and cliffs before stopping by at Singa Besar Islan for eagle watching and then Beras Basah Island for snorkeling.

Price for Single Rider: 550RM
Price for Two Riders: 650RM

Price for Single Rider: 650RM
Price for Two Riders: 700RM

Ride from Cenang Beach to Eagle Square and you will also be visiting Tuba Island which is a fishing village. This tour will also guide you along the mangrove river and explore limestone islands and will be stopping by at a secluded beach for swimming and snorkeling. Another inclusion is Pregnant Maiden Island where you can swim at the freshwater lake and etc.



We picked Package A since it’s what we can only afford LOL.

In Package A, a tour guide will take you to 2 remote islands within the allotted time of 2 hours. You can also pick your schedule either in the morning at 10 am or in the afternoon at 2 pm. We chose the latter since we didn’t want to get sunburnt while on our trip. Our trip took hours longer due to an accident because of me hahaha. And our VERY KIND guide took us to see the eagles and watch the sunset.

Below are additional pieces of information that are taken from Toro Watersports’ website.

  1. The VIP Package includes tour guide, entrance fee, tax, free use of SJCAM video recording facility, and drinks.
  2. The Basic Package excludes all of the above mentioned in the VIP Package except for tour guide, providing you a choice for a much cheaper price.
  3. For Package A and B, the video recording inclusive memory card cost additional of RM90.
  4. Maximum weight for two people is 200kg per jet ski.
  5. Children from age 5 and above must be accompanied by their parent or instructor.
  6. If one parent and one child taking this activity, it will be counted as a double rider.
  7. You can store your belongings in a storage compartment in front of a jet ski
  8. Dry bag (for phone & wallet) and safety jacket are provided for the tour.


Sunglasses: The sun can be very harsh in the morning, in the afternoon it’s tolerable

Waterproof Bag: I can’t leave without my camera and I don’t trust the quality of photos from mobile phones. For me, a waterproof bag is a MUST!

Any waterproof accessories: To protect your gadgets

  • For a greater experience in Langkawi, you can do parasailing in the morning and then do the jet ski tour in the afternoon. Parasailing was supposed to be a part of our itinerary but due to some events, we did not push through with this plan.
  • Always be wary while riding out in the open sea unless you want to experience what happened to me.
  • Always be cautious of your belongings. Before we headed back to Cenang beach, my friend almost lost the key of her jet ski. It was really embarrassing on our part due to the number of times we troubled our tour guide. (the first was my accident in the big rock) Thankfully it’s only us three as we don’t want to humiliate ourselves more with other joiners.
  • Always follow the instructions of your tour guide. Riding a jet ski may seem easy but don’t be careless as we can’t predict possible accidents. Even after all that happened during our trip, I will still ride one in the future~
  • It was my second time in Malaysia and they are really kind people. PLUS, I can’t get over how cheap and delicious their foods are. I wish Langkawi will not get too commercialized. It’s such a wonderful island with so many things to do. What I can say is, I shall return!
  • Try out the Mangrove Tour too while your in Langkawi.


How to get to Langkawi?
Langkawi is an island northwest of Malaysia and the easiest way to get there is by plane. Depending on the country you are flying from, you can either get a direct flight or a connecting flight. To find the cheapest available flight, try browsing thru SkyScanner.
Do you need a Visa?
Filipinos are not required to get a visa prior going to Malaysia. However, for non-Filipinos, you can check out your countries’ Malaysian embassy website. You may also find more helpful information in your country's embassy.
Language/s Spoken
Malay (official language), English – they speak fluent English and we never had any trouble understanding each other, Chinese
Local Currency
Their currency is called Malaysian Ringgit (MYR, RM)
Getting Around
Langkawi is an island where not enough public transportation is available. Their main mode of transportation is by scooter/motorbike and private cars. For tourists, it is better to visit by renting a car rather than renting taxis or booking via Grab or Uber. Data connection on some parts of the island can be slow and taxis have an extra fee during the night therefore renting is a better option.


Have you gotten into an accident during your trip before?
My trip to Langkawi has been the funniest and embarrassing journey.

During the length of our stay, we usually have an incident. One time we rode the wrong boat on our Mangrove tour and we had to go back to the port. Thankfully, the strangers on the boat we rode on were nice and kind too.

  • What’s your MOST embarrassing moment during your travels?
  • Will jet ski island hopping tour in Langkawi be a part of your itinerary when you visit?



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