Vista fanatics rejoice as Catanduanes offers a pastoral view from Binurong Point in Baras. A panorama such as this can only be rewarded to hikers. So gear up and get ready to climb up its terrain. Hiking to Binurong Point is relatively easy for beginners as the slope is not that high to climb.


From Manila, the easiest way is by riding a plane to Virac airport. The distance is only an hour away and it’s also just on the east side of Legazpi.

I got my plane ticket from Cebu Pacific’s Piso Promo Fare and I stayed at a friend’s house here so my total expenses did not exceed ₱5,000. Oh yeah!

Via Private Car: Going here is easy using Google Maps or Waze. To start with, you will have to pinpoint the location of Barangay Guinsaan. Upon arriving here you will see a banner and a parking lot signaling that you have already arrived in the Barangay.

Registration here is mandatory and they will collect fees to help support the locals and maintenance of the area.

Via Public Vehicle: We went here via a private car so I cannot exactly guide you on how to get here using public transportation. As per researching online, go to Virac Town Center and ride a van or a jeepney going to Baras or Gigmoto. Let the driver know that you will be going to Binurong Point and have you dropped off where you can hire a ride going to Binurong Point.

From Baras or Puraran Beach ride a tricycle going to Barangay Guinsaan. The average fare will rate from Php300-500, try to haggle to get the cheapest price.

Via Travel Agency: You can inquire about these from two travel agencies that I found if they offer package tours to Binurong Point. Island Escape Travel & Tours is a DOT accredited travel agency and Katandungan Travel & Tours another agency that is also based in Virac.

Appropriate Footwear: You won’t always know when it will rain and hiking an easy trail will always be difficult after the drizzle. Before we got to Binurong Point it drizzled for a short while. It made the trail muddy and slippery. I slipped a little a lot of times.

Water Bottle: Bringing water is always mandatory when hiking. Better bring a tumbler so we can reduce plastic waste.

Sunblock: Better shield your skin with sunblock lotion. This is recommended for those who take a long time for their skin to go back to their natural color, like me.

First Aid Kit: You will never when know when you’ll need one so always bring it. When we were going back to the Barangay, I slipped through a rock because the sand was caught in my shoes. It bled *sobs*. It was memorable because we can already see the Barangay and such a thing happened.

Scarf or Bandana: Bring one for some heat protection.

Picnic Food: This one is totally optional. As for us we brought our own food and ate at the tables along the stores in the Barangay. The food and drinks they sell there can be quite pricey.

Change of Clothes: Another optional item to bring is a change of clothes. If you want a refreshing feeling after your hike, totally bring one.

Always avoid the rainy season which is around June till October. The road going to Binurong Point is scenic however we may never know when it will rain, you have the seaside and the cliff wall on the other side. It may be prone to landslides and strong sea waves during typhoon season.

As for the perfect time to hike in Binurong, it is advisable to come here real early around 4am. You can see the golden twilight of the rising sun and have that memorable and perfect photo shot. And as per usual, noon is the hottest time of the day, better avoid this time.

Php10Registration Fee (mandatory)
Php30Environmental Fee (mandatory)
Php10Parking Fee (if you have a car)
Php150Fee for the local tour guide (mandatory, our guide was very nice so we gave her Php 300)


The trail is relatively easy as it is a mostly flat slope. Depending on your pace it will take around 20 to 30 minutes to reach Binurong Point. Make sure that you do your business in the comfort room before hiking.

The hike starts out at the rocky edges of the sea of Baras leading to a shady forest area. Along the trail, you will have a canopy of the leaves above your head. Once you reach a certain point where the trees get lesser and lesser, you will know that you’re near.

As a not-so-physically-fit person, I think we reached our destination near an hour. Every ten minutes we felt the need to catch our breath and supply our body with liquid. My friend and I work at home for years now so we mostly only get to move around the house lol.

Hiking here is not that frightening it’s really quite short. We were already a bit tired from the hike the other day on Cagnipa Rolling Hills so we had less energy for the hike here.

In my opinion, I think that going back to the Barangay is harder. The slope is downhill and I feel all the gravity in my feet. It was also muddy so hiking downhill is more slippery than going up.

After the hike, you can buy snacks from the stores and rest for a while.

The wind, the sea, the land, I felt reconnected again from the world…

Is how I would describe my feeling as I saw Binurong Point with all the buckets of sweat I was bathing in. It made me remember the game I was playing at that time. Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I really want to mention this game as it helped me fulfill my cravings for adventure. Comment below if you play this game too!

The rough crashing of the waves on the cliff, the deep blue color of the sea, the breeze blowing through your whole body, it just revives you. This was just the perfect spot to feel vulnerable, alive, focused and inspired.

We took a little detour on this little spot just because! The crashing waves were not to be missed and I asked our guide if we can go here. She said YES! So Yay! To this spot we go! Looking down at it, it was frightening and majestic at the same time. The rough crashing just makes you realize how frail we are as human beings against nature. And as wonderful as the shade of blue is, it just goes to show how deep it is.

We could have a lot of fun here but we just can’t complain to the sun to stop shining for a while, can we? As much as I want to stay longer, the heat weakens me and there are still places to visit on our itinerary.


How to get to Catanduanes?
The easiest and shortest way is to book a plane going here. Remember that the airport is called Virac here and the flights takes an hour. I got my ticket during Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare Promo so I get to save a lot from the airfare. If you will be getting normal fares use to find the cheapest tickets.
Do you need a Visa?
If you’re a foreigner, make sure to know first if your nationality requires a visa prior landing to the Philippines.  
Language/s Spoken
Filipinos can mostly speak fluent English and language barrier will not be an issue.  
Local Currency
Our currency is called the Philippine Peso. Try not to convert your cash in the airport as they have expensive currency rates.
Getting Around
Getting around in Catanduanes outside the city is quite tricky unless you have a private car or have friends in the area who can guide you. Luckily, I have a friend here so touring was a breeze. I recommend renting a private car here if possible as it may be hard riding via public transportation when going back to certain areas. You also get to have control of your time and be flexible. In Virac city, habal-habal is the most common mode of transportation. If going on long distances, riding a jeepney is your best bet but it may take a while for them to take off due to waiting for the seats to be full. 


Feel them all…
Certainly, this spot is one trip to not forget. It reminds you that we should preserve the beauty that the world has and not abuse it. As it is now, we have taken a lot from the world, it’s now time for our generation to give back.



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